Sidelines – Phillip Dutton and the Family That Fuels His Success


    By Emily Randolph/RandolphPR

    The far, wood-paneled wall of Phillip Dutton’s barn office is adorned with sizable, framed ribbons – among them, a large green ribbon that accompanied his bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics and a tri-color award signifying his win in the 2008 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. Each one is a testament to Phillip’s innate talent, tenacity and the hard work that he has poured into the sport of eventing.

    Above Phillip’s desk is another wall-hanging, matching the size and scale of the framed ribbons: a photo of his twin daughters, Mary and Olivia. The photo is a testament to another integral part of Phillip’s life: his family.  

    While it’s Phillip’s own skillset and dedication that have propelled him to the Olympic podium on three occasions, it’s his family and the relationships that he shares with those close to him – both horse and human – that have helped fuel his drive, shaped much of his perspective and kept him loving the sport of eventing as much today as he did at the beginning.

    Continue reading in the April 2021 issue of Sidelines here!


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