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    NEXTY Award Winner Fontana Candle Company Releases New Holiday Gift Boxes

    Mount Joy, Pa. – Fontana Candle Company’s three-ingredient, non-toxic candles were honored as the 2020 NEXTY Awards’ Best New Natural Living Product, and now, the candles have also been named the perfect holiday gift.

    The popular candle company has debuted a new holiday gift box set, containing three 9-ounce, hand-poured candles and a set of seasonal apothecary matches, packaged in a beautiful reusable bottle. Each gift box features three scents from Fontana Candle Company’s best-selling seasonal collection, which includes Peppermint Twist, Citrus Peel & Pine, Cinnamon Orange Clove and Fraser Fir.

    Fontana Candle Company’s non-toxic candle gift boxes contain three 9-ounce, hand-poured candles and one set of seasonal apothecary matches. 

    “Whether you’re shopping for a friend, family member, coworker or even yourself, the gift set is a great way to enjoy a selection of scents, and we really wanted to make it something festive and even comforting to receive,” said Katie Roering, co-founder of Fontana Candle Company.

    Unlike when gifting many conventional, paraffin candles, when purchasing Fontana candles, customers can feel good about not only giving a beautiful gift but one free of toxins and made from clean, sustainable ingredients.

    “As a company, our commitment is to provide ‘clean burning candles for a healthy and happy home’ using only simple, natural ingredients,” continued Roering. “With our candles, you won’t find any petroleum byproducts or harmful chemicals. We want customers to feel really good about what they’re bringing into their homes and what they’re sharing with others for their homes as well.”

    Each Fontana candle is hand-poured with only naturally refined beeswax, sustainably sourced coconut oil and thoughtfully selected, therapeutic-grade essential oils. The candles’ wooden wicks are Forest Stewardship Council certified and for every $100 Fontana Candle Company spends on wicks, a tree is planted with Trees for the Future.

    The Fontana Candle Company gift sets are now available to pre-order online here or by visiting In addition to the box sets, each of Fontana’s seasonal scents are available in six-ounce tins, nine-ounce jars and 14-ounce tins, all containing a single wooden wick. The six-ounce tin has an average burn time of 20-25 hours, and the 14-ounce tin has an average burn time of 55 to 60 hours. Wax melts of each scent are also available.

    About Fontana Candle Company
    Based in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, Fontana Candle Company was founded in 2018 by Eric and Katie Roering. The couple previously received a paraffin wax candle as a holiday gift, but, after a day of burning the candle in close proximity, they were surprised to have developed headaches. After researching candle ingredients, they were alarmed to discover how many toxins are present in conventional candles. The Roerings began researching clean alternatives and experimenting with pouring their own candles, and not long after, Fontana Candle Company was launched with commitments to educating others on toxins and producing clean, non-toxic candles. Today, the candles are made with beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils and formulated to provide clean-burning, non-toxic alternative to traditional candles. Learn more by visiting


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