Lancaster County-Based Fontana Candle Company Named NEXTY Awards Finalist


    Mount Joy, Pa. – Fontana Candle Company’s three-ingredient, non-toxic candles have earned the Lancaster County company a spot as one of only two finalists for the 2020 NEXTY Awards’ Best New Natural Living Product.

    The NEXTY Awards, organized and facilitated by the New Hope Network, are the premiere recognition of excellence in the natural products industry.

    From more than 800 applicants, Fontana Candle Company’s essential oil candles advanced through preliminary judging to earn the distinction of being a NEXTY Awards finalist. As described by the New Hope Network, the products selected as finalists represent “what’s NEXT in wellness trends, in ingredient innovation, in packaging, in condition management, in supply chain growth and transparency and in health impact.”

    “Being chosen as a finalist for the NEXTY Awards Best New Natural Living Product is an absolute honor,” said Katie Roering, who co-founded Fontana Candle Company in 2018 alongside her husband Eric Roering.

    After both developing headaches from burning a name-brand, paraffin candle, the Roerings began researching candle ingredients and were alarmed to discover how many toxins are present in conventional candles. The Mount Joy, PA-based couple set out to create their own all-natural alternative, and now sales of their non-toxic candles – made with only beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils – have taken off exponentially across the country.

    While beeswax or soy candles provide a cleaner, more natural alternative to traditional paraffin candles, the majority of other beeswax candle manufacturers continue to utilize fragrance oils containing chemicals. Fontana Candle Company’s use of only essential oils and their ingredient transparency – listing every essential oil used in their scents – set the company’s candles apart from others on the market and helped earn them the NEXTY Awards honor.

    “The Nexty Awards recognize the most innovative, inspiring and trustworthy products in the natural products industry. This has been at the core of Fontana’s mission for the two and a half years that we have been in business, and to be recognized by industry experts legitimizes that there is a very real need for candle companies like ours,” concluded Katie Roering.

    The final winners of the NEXTY Awards will be announced in early September following further judging from a panel of industry experts. Additional information on the NEXTY Awards can be found by visiting

    To learn more about Fontana Candle Company or to shop the company’s newest line of fall and holiday scents, visit


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